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Revise & Edit in Final Draft

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Writing a screenplay is the first step. Revising it is the rest of the journey. Learn how to rewrite and edit like a Hollywood screenwriter in this 24-tutorial Final Draft course by Matt Vanacoro.App Features:• 64 minutes of video training• Super clear explanations• Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)• Easy to navigate
Course Outline:1. Introduction: Prerequisite Knowledge (01:24)2. Document Options (02:57)3. Using the Status Bar (03:17)4. Searching Elements (02:11)5. The Navigator Revisited (03:08)6. The View Menu (03:04)7. Split View (02:44)8. Numbering Scenes & Removing Numbers (02:26)9. Omitting a Scene (01:54)10. Revision Mode (03:40)11. Applying a Template Midstream (02:26)12. Comparing Script Versions (01:26)13. Making & Organizing Script Notes (02:42)14. A Virtual Read-Through (02:42)15. Shooting Script Tips (03:32)16. Locking Pages (03:01)17. Backing Up Your Script (02:53)18. The Title Page (02:10)19. Highlighting Characters (01:43)20. When to Adjust Your Leading (02:47)21. Generating Reports (04:25)22. Using Final Draft Reader (02:19)23. Using Final Draft Writer (03:11)24. Registering Your Script & What’s Next? (01:58)